Buckwheat-Olive Sourdough  -  A dark & dense loaf for heartiness lovers
--  Buckwheat Flour, 1 1/2C  --  Spelt Flour, 1 1/3C  --  Soy Flour, 2/3C  --  Green Ripe Olives, 1
can -- Kalamata Olives - 1C, pitted  --  Active Baking Yeast - 1 t, not rehydrated  --  Yellow Onion,
3/4C finely chopped  --  Whole Wheat Pastry Flour, 3C  --  Dark Rye Flour, 1C  --  Unbleached
White Flour, enough so dough isn't sticky -- Coarse Sea Salt, 1 slightly rounded Tbls.       
--- N o w   T h e   I n c r e a s e ---   8 to 24 hours prior to baking, in a very large bowl, mixing as
you go add 1 1/2C Sourdough Starter, 1C Non-fat Milk, 1 1/2C Water, and 3 flours: 1 1/2C
Buckwheat Flour, 1 1/3C Spelt Flour, and 2/3 cup Soy Flour.  Cover at cool room temperature
overnight, or until it starts to bubble.      ---  the  R e s t  of the  S t o r y  ---        When the Increase is
ready, mix in the can of coarsely chopped Green Ripe Olives and 1C pitted Kalamata Olives, plus
a little more than 1/2 of a Yellow Onion, finely chopped.  Just for the flavor, and not for the leavening
action, put in 1 t. of Active Baking Yeast, do not rehydrate it.  Then 1C Dark Rye Flour and 3C
Whole Wheat Pastry Flour.  Knead with the help of a little White Unbleached Flour so it isn't to sticky,
until the elasticity starts to develop.  At this point, add the 1 slightly rounded Tbls. of Coarse Sea Salt,
a sprinkle at a time while kneading for two or three minutes more (see notes in longer version of
recipe for substitution of olive brine for water and salt).  Now it is ready to form into loaves.  But first
get your round or flat baking pieces ready by spraying them with oil.  Cut the total dough into four and
take a piece and form it into a ball by throwing it up into the air a little and compress it with your open
hands.  If you use round baking dishes, they should be sized so the initial ball is one inch away from
the edges.  This will give it some room to rise without the loaf getting too tall.  Let them rise for 2 to 4
hours, or at least until they are half again as large as they were.           ---  I n t o   t h e   O v e n   &   
T o   t h e   T a b l e  ---   Pre-heat the oven to 400 F and put in the loaves when it comes to
temperature. They should be checked in 20 to 25 minutes to observe their progress.  They are too
dark to use browning as an indicator of being done... so rely on the thump with the thumb that
sounds hollow.  Do not err on the side of over-done with these loaves, don't let them dry out.  You
will definitely want to spray them with water upon taking them out, and maybe while they are still in
the oven.  Let them cool for at least an hour covered with a kitchen towel that is very slightly damp.  
When they are ready, cut thinly.  We use this bread as a starter course with the Sparkling Syrah.  
Make a spread for it using pan toasted walnuts, non-fat cream cheese, and enough Marsala to
make it spreadable without breaking the sliced bread.  So enjoy... knowing that you will be the only
kid on the block with a loaf like this.
                    O o h A n d A h h . c o m        

Print, Cut, and Fold into a 3x5 card

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