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Below are the wines that are available:  the Library Wines and the 2009 Current Releases.

We used to have these PayPal buttons that you could click-on, and then that system went flooey.
Then I realized, it is much better for folks to call so I get to know them a bit and
find out what they really like, and that way I can make sure they are getting that.
So... in keeping with our old school way of doing things, please call.

707 933-4404

You can call day or night because this number goes directly into a message device,
then I will call you back.  Please leave your time zone so I don't inadvertently disturb you.

or e-mail works:  ThisIsBruceRector@yahoo.com

You may be wondering why we are still able to present the 2003 to the 2007 vintage when
several wineries have already bottled their 2011's and have released them.
That's cuz we have a Library.
And the reason we have a library is... as mentioned, we are old school.

And because of that, we think you will enjoy the wines more when they have aged,
at least a couple of more years.  They just taste so much better.
Our general policy is barrel age for two years, then bottle age for two years;
these wines become known as our Current Release wines.
The exceptional barrels (all wines are single barrel bottlings) are put into the Library
and last as long as they are available, however, they do not discount with your level
of Wine Club participation like the Current Release wines do.
Our wines are only available through the Wine Club, so we can
sell them at the rate which we think is best for the wine and your pleasure.
We are more than happy to age them on our nickel, not yours.

We have some nice surprises down there in the cellar for you.

Note :   we have made the assumption that you know these wines or know us.
We have precious few reviews because we believe that reviewing wines with the 100 point scale dis-serves
the wine, winegrower, and winelover.  It is the case that when we were starting
up and courting third-party-endorsement, all of the reviews were quite flattering.

Current AHH
O f f e r i n g s

Alas, 2008, the last vintage in liter bottles...
We just can't get them any more. We have put the last of the 2008's into the   -- "Liter Library" --    
 Please see below


#1 of  3       $ 38      This vintage of Bien Nacido gets a little better and bigger going from #1to #3      

of  3       $ 40    A year tending toward elegance in the expression of the B.N.Vyd. terroir, yet rich   

of  3       $ 44        A big bing and BNV grapey nose, flavor follows with depth and richness           


#1 of  4       $ 40       A fully ripened vintage (bigger, higher alch.) with some restraint and lots of style         

of  4       $ 46       The trademark flavor of Bien Nacido, it's dry but in a very smooth, sweet spot            

of  4       $ 44        A spicier version of the BNV flavor of terroir, nice long finish                                 

 2012    Rose from Bien Nacido                                                                                              
#1 of 1        $ 33       Only serve at room temp with food, let it open, a very pleasant surprise awaits         


Barrel Designation               Price                   Tasting Note                                                                       

We have put the last of the 2008's into the "Liter Library"  --      Please see below                           


of  3   Saddle East Block   $ 36      A classic but more shy version, this will need age and repay it   

# 2
of  3        "   "    "       $ 36     The most fruity version of Saddle East we have produced, quite fun

of  3         "    "    "      $ 40     This will be a classic, as it ages it is wisely gathering what it needs    

of 1   Entrance Hill     $ 32        A berry bent Pinot, good acidity, good smoothness, nice wine         

of  1 Between the Groves        This wine is in the Library, please see below                                      


All Barrels are #1
of  1                 This vintage, this vineyard will totally respond to decanting and splashing

Married Barrel    $ 34     Pablo's Point + Saddle East, worth $7 more if you decant & splash it                     

Entrance Hill     $ 38     The most complex we have made from this block, lots of flavors with full tannin   

Pablo's Point     $ 40     Wonderful Pinot, like many forms of strawberries blending with the forest floor   

Saddle East        $ 44       A superbly classic Pinot Noir, probably should be in the Library                          

PINOT du JOUR          CALIFORNIA   (Santa Maria + Sonoma Coast)

Lot Designation   Retail Price                                                 Tasting Note                                                               

9               $ 22       The only wine we have that goes well with barbecue                                           

0               $ 28        Bigger than most PdJ's, this is really aging well and keeps company with the best
                  of past renditions of these, and only, blended vineyard offerings
we do


Current OOH
O f f e r i n g s
Vineyard Designation               Retail Price                              Tasting Note                                     
2008 Brickhill, Sonoma Coast    $28     Fun and sophistication go hand and hand with this wine,
                            wonderfully refreshing, a little fuller than the 2007


We now have an annex to our Library...   "THE LITER LIBRARY"

It comes about because we can no longer get liter bottles of the right shape, color, and closure.
And God knows we tried.
We have noticed that one of the advantages of putting wines in the Library is that it restrains sales.
Which has a distinct advantage when we want to drink older wines with guests.
I think you get the picture, now you just have to take the time to be our guest.
So these wines are here for sentimental reasons, not because they have achieved real Library status.
The real Library has the best wines we make, not the best-of-the-vintage,
but for some magical reason, they rose to a standard for which we are quite thankful.


Barrel Designation        Retail Price                                                 Tasting  Note                                          
#1 of  2              $ 42         Strawberry compote and plum like, tannins that respond to air, more elegant
of  2              $ 48         Classic Bien Nacido, a big wine for lower alcohol, could be in the real Library


Barrel Designation               Price                   Tasting Note                        

#1 of  1  Saddle East Block      $ 40     Classic balance and structure, just starting to age beautifully        

of  1  Entrance Hill             $ 30     Brambly dark fruits, some tannin in the finish, hearty fare now    

of  1  Between the Groves   $ 38      Dark, opens to cranberry compote, envelopes the palate,             
structured to age      


Vintage, Barrel or Block Designation       Retail Price                                 Tasting Note                         

B I E N    N A C I D O    V I N E Y A R D S                 
Pinto Noir                                                                                                                         
2003 Bien Nacido Barrel #2
of  4            $62      Our first barrel bottled, very classic, very excellent     

2005 Bien Nacido Barrel #3
of  4             $54       Classic Bien Nacido with extra excitement and allure

2006 Bien Nacido Barrel #3
of  5            $ 52     An elegant version of the 2005 BNV library selections

    2010 Bien Nacido Barrel #2
of 4             $ 50     In our older style, it has the big Bien Nacido trademark  
                                                                  of flavor, with a velvet body and a dense finish   

B R I C K H I L L   V I N E Y A R D S           
Pinot Noir                                                                                                                      
2003 Brickhill - Saddle East   $54    Stellar aging potential, Francophilic, decant for full enjoyment   

2006 Brickhill - Saddle East   $48      In the elegant tradition of Saddle East Block, classic Pinot       
Barrel #1 of  3                                                                                                                      

2007  Between the Groves
    $ 32    Cherry and spices with a light, lively structure, great beverage   

2009  Between the Groves      $ 40     When I am in my most self-critical winemaking mode, this wine
                                     just makes me smile, it has it all... the classic Pinot nuances,
                                               forest floor upon breathing, and an agreeability I don't remember

Sparkling Syrah                                                                                                                      
7 Brut                 $ 28        The bottle aging ability of these Sparkling wines is a total sleeper      

2007 Brut de Brut     $28             Completely dry with no dosage, an absolutely racy food wine and

* These Library wines do not discount.  However, Patrons still get free shipping.

Our wines are only regularly available to our
Wine Club.
We do not have placements in
wine shops or restaurants

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